Surface treatment in bonding applications - Quality in adhesive bonding technology: merely a cost factor or an investment after all?

Date: February 23, 2021

Time Slots (UTC): 06:00 am, 02:00 pm, 05:00 pm

Duration: approx. 60 min plus Q&A

Language: English

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Are you involved in different bonding processes in industrial manufacturing? Do you want to create a safe bond between different materials? Do you also produce according to a quality management system?

This free of charge PlasmaTalk is about adhesive bonding quality assurance standards for adhesive users in industry and craft (the standard DIN 2304 is one example) – and surface treatment with plasma technology. Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß, Head of the Workforce Qualification and Technology Transfer Division at Fraunhofer IFAM and Chairman as well as project manager of various DIN, CEN and ISO working groups, will give a detailed overview of the quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes. Joachim Schüßler, Sales Manager Germany at Plasmatreat, will explain the Openair-Plasma® technology and how it helps to optimize and support your adhesive bonding processes to achieve the important properties.

The QA standards define requirements to prevent incorrect adhesive bonding processes. One part of those requirements is referring to the surface treatment - e.g. with Openair-Plasma®. Following the steps of the QA standards you will receive a reliable and safe adhesive bonding you can trust.

When it comes to quality assurance, surface treatment with Openair-Plasma® is an important topic. In the first step you can create a reproducible and constant surface quality with Openair-Plasma®. And in the second step you can get a reliable, safe and long-lasting joining between different materials. The pretreatment of a surface with plasma, e.g. activation, cleaning and coating makes it possible to use solvent free and flash-off free adhesives.

Our PlasmaTalk „Surface treatment in bonding applications“ covers:

  • Explanation of the most important main topics of adhesive bonding technology QA standards such as DIN 2304 and how these standards support your company
  • Holistic view of contemporary adhesive bonding processes and how to organize and qualify them nowadays - with a view to the adhesive bonding technology competences of the staff as a basic requirement
  • Plasma pretreatment – an important step in these processes
  • What does plasma do on the surface?
  • Monitoring of the plasma system and the process parameters
  • Examples of industrial applications

This PlasmaTalk is aimed at all employees in development, laboratories as well as users and operators of bonding technology using plasma in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk will run for approx. 60 min plus a question and answer session. If you have a specific request, please email us to in advance of the PlasmaTalk so we can include it in the program.

  • Who is presenting:

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß Head of the Workforce Qualification and Technology Transfer Division at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen.

    Since 1997, he also managed the Adhesive Bonding Technology Center. Within the scope of his activities in the field of quality assurance for adhesive bonding technology, he is Chairman as well as project manager of various DIN, CEN and ISO working groups, e.g for DIN 2304.

  • Who is presenting:

    Joachim Schüßler

    Mr. Joachim Schüßler has many years of professional experience as sales manager for Plasmatreat Germany and is also responsible for the German branch in the south.

    As a key account manager, he looks after numerous customers, whom he advises as a specialist in the use of plasma technology in production processes for bonding, printing and coating applications.

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    Erhard Krampe - Head of Plasmatreat Academy


    Tel.: +49 5204 9960-1074